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Born and lives in Israel.

Member of Indie - The Collective Gallery for Photography.

Awarded the Israeli Minister of Culture and Sports Award in Fine Arts.


2010-2012: Advanced Art Program, Hamidrasha, Beit Berl.

2009-2012: M.Ed. in Art Education, Himidrasha, Bait Berl.

2007-2009: Video Art, Minshar, Tel Aviv.

2004-05: Performance workshop, Performance Art Platform, Tel Aviv.

1984-7: BA in Textile Design with Honor, Shenkar, Ramat Gan.


Solo Exhibitions:

2022: Contagious Truths Kniznick Gallery, Hadassah Brandeis Institute, Curator: Olivia Baldwin.

2021: Forgive me for being Hard Hearted Curator: Gili Zaidman, Indie Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2020: Mother Figure; Curator: Orit Bulgaro, Oranim - Academic Gallery, Kiryat Tivon,

2019: "The Trail for Good Health," Ha'Vila, Contemporary Art Gallery, Jerusalem. 

2019: "The Blue Will Shine White," Indie Gallery.  

2017: "Bed", Municipal Gallery of Art, Rishon Lle'zio. 

2016: "Operation: Baby", H'Kibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv. 

2015: "The Announcement", Indie Gallery, Tel Aviv. 

           "Cover Story", Tivon Art Gallery, Kiriat Tivon. 

2013:  "Xania", Vitrina Gallery, Holon. 

2010: "Melozina", Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv. 

2009: "Stuck", Artist House", Tel Aviv. 

2007: "Flude", Tova Osman Gallery, Tel Aviv. 


Selected Group Exhibitions, Performances, and Video Art:

2020:  "Exit Strategies" Art and Performance Festival in Tel Aviv during  COVID - 19. 

2018: "NIMBY", Duo with Tal Rosen, Kav 16 Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2017: "We Refugees", Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa. 

           "Utopia", Mishkan Museum of Art, Ein Harod.

            "The Kids Want Communism", Bat Yam Museum of Art, Bat Yam. 

            “The Children's teeth are set on edge”, Performance, Binyamini Art Center. 

            "Border Line", Be'ery Art Galley, Kibbutz Be'ery. 

2016: "Home Visit", International photography festival, Tel Aviv. 

           "Old Craft - New Craft", Benyamini Ceramic Center, Tel Aviv. 

2015: "Metruz", Dwek Gallery, Mishkenot Sha’ananim; Jerusalem. 

           "Without a Trace", Art Cube Artists' Studios, Jerusalem. 

           "Walk on by", Indi Gallery, Tel Aviv. 

2014: "Hexagram", "Nightlight Festival", Tel Aviv. 

           "Game[ing]", Al Ha-Tsuk Gallery, Natania. 

           "Childhood on Fire", Hansen House. 

           "Little Confessions", "Confessions", HaMischan Le’omanut, Herzelia. 

           "Stations", Video screen, Inbal Ethno Center, Tel Aviv, 

2013: "Work 2", With Hagar Mitelpunkt. "25 anniversary to Performance Art Platform", Tel-Aviv. 

          "Unitext", 9# Kaunas Biennial, Kaunas, Lithuania. 

           "Consumer Basket", Binyamini Art Center. 

           "Complex Family," video screen, "Eibal - Ethno Center", Tel Aviv. 

           "Labour in One Shot", Tel Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv. 

           "Midaia", Bat Yam Museum, Bat Yam. 

           "Contextile 2012" - Contemporary Textile Art Triennial, Guimaraes, Portugal. 

2012: "Who is afraid of identity?", TamtamART, Berlin; Kav 16 Gallery, Tel Aviv; Houg- Gah Museum –Taipei.

           "Minor art", Hamidrasha Gallery, Tel Aviv. 

           "To Cover", performance, Bat Yam Museum, Bat Yam. 

2011: "Firefox", Rothschild 12 Gallery, Tel Aviv. 

           "Mordechai and Me", The competition for video and experimental film, Jerusalem Film Festival, Jerusalem.

           "Bridges", Video screen, "Eibal - Ethno Center", Tel Aviv. 

            "Homemade 4", Loop, Barcelona. 

2010: "Response-performance Festival", Landguard Fort, Felixstowe, England. 

2009: "Remains", Artist's House, Tel Aviv. 

          "Swap", the Israeli Digital Art Center, Holon. 

2007: "Sour Milk", Performance Festival "Zaz", Performing Art Platform, Tel Aviv. 

2006: "Orifice", Video Dance Festival 1#, Sinematek, Tel Aviv. 

           "HE2", Performance, White Night, Tel Aviv

            "Injury and Cure", Artists House, Tel-Aviv. 

2005: "Daradar-Darbashiya", Performance Art Platform, Tel-Aviv.       

2004: "Requiem for Hidden Boundaries", Art Hall, Holon. 

2002: "The Material of the Spirit- The Spirit of Materials", Um-El-Fahem's Gallery, Um-El-Fahem. 


Grants, Prices & Residencies


2023: NARS Foundation-residency; Brooklyn, NY, USA (Up Coming).

2022: MusART Program , residency at ZK/U, Berlin (Up Coming).

2022: Haifa Museum-Green House; Grant by Mifal Ha’Pais for producing artwork within the community of “ Beit Ha’Lohem”, Haifa, Israel.

2022: Rabinovich Foundation and Tel Aviv municipality Grant - for the solo exhibition: For give me for my Hard Hearted.

2021: Arad Artists Residency, Arad Contemporary Art Center, Israel.

2019: The Israeli Minister of Culture and Sports Award for the Arts.

2018: Mifal Ha’Pais - Grant for producing The Hygiene Project film.

2015: Rabinovich Foundation Grant - for the solo exhibition: The announcement.

2013: Rabinovich Foundation Grant - for the experimental film, Reutopia

2012: Honorable Mention, Contextile 2012, Contemporary Textile Art Triennial, Portugal.

2011: Rabinovich Foundation Grant - for the experimental film, Cover Story.

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